Glassing tuition

We fully appreciate that you will want help to glass your board, so we’ve designed a few options to help.
Glassing requires several different stages done at the appropriate times. Quite at odds with our modern world, the timing is dictated by the weather rather than our own schedules. The following options should give you something you can work with, though we are open to discussing variations to suit you.

Full Tuition at the Flowstate workshop. $500
This option requires several trips to the workshop over the course of a week or more, depending on weather and your availability. You will learn to cut and lay the fiberglass cloth and resin it to the board. Later that day you will apply another coat of resin. The time between these sessions varies with the weather, but about 4 or 5 hours is the norm. Perfect for a sight seeing trip in the Huon Valley or play some Frisbee/hang out in our hammock.
When this is dry (a day or two later), we repeat the procedure on the other side of the board.
When fully cured, a little bit of clean-up work follows and it’s either ready to surf, or ready for varnishing.

We split the work at the Flowstate Workshop. $500
As above, except if you are more pressed for time you can lay the cloth and first coat and we’ll finish that side after you’ve left. When you return to do the other side of the board, we’ll have the first step done so you can do the step you missed out on last time.

Tuition and materials, do the work at home. $300
We’ll give you instruction (including a written reference document), resin and materials. Find a nice spot at home and go for it in your own time. Call or email at any point if you get stuck.

We’ll do the lot. $400
Leave it with us. You’ll get a glassed board back, either ready to go or ready to varnish, as you please.

We like to varnish our boards, both because you can get a deeper gloss finish, and for ultraviolet protection. Varnishing isn’t hard, but it can take a few attempts to do a good job. It also takes many coats, separated by at least a day each. We can varnish your board for you for $300 or give you tuition and materials for $200.

We wish we could include varnishing in the glassing packages, but it is very labour intensive for us.

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