Our take on the short, white, pointy board of today, only not so white.

Looking through the rest of our lineup, it would be easy to think that we’ve got a thing against the modern thruster. Not at all. In the right conditions, nothing beats the dependability and get-into-and-back-out-of-trouble tenacity of this excellent design. Simon Anderson’s three-fin thruster design revolutionised surfing and what a board is capable of. The thruster works best when you work hard, needing to be pumped or turned constantly to get to it to perform. For trick surfing, dependability in hollow and heavy waves and being on the world cup circuit, the thruster can’t be beat.

We typically build our thrusters from Paulownia to save as much weight as possible, as this is a design that works best when light. Our thrusters end up on par or lighter than their foam counterparts. As with all of our boards, a range of bottom concaves are available, with our favourite being single-to-double. It wouldn’t be a thruster without three fins, though this board also works well as a quad, giving it slightly more drive and less ‘nervous’ handling. More like a Spitfire than a Hornet.