Single Fin

A more modern rocker, rail profiles and thinner cross section than something Gerry Lopez used to ride make our single-fins a bit more wave-savy than the evolutionary short board of the past.

As with the fish, we love the modern take on this pre-thruster short board. Also like the fish, we spec our single fins with more width and weight than a typical thruster. Getting the picture?

A larger planing area than other short boards make this craft get-up-and-go easier than a smaller board, and the combination of wider tail and big single fin mean carving turns rather than the whiplash cutbacks you can achieve on a tri-fin. It’s definitely a more relaxed ride, though still highly capable when you learn what it can do.
Our preference is for single-to-double concaves through the bottom, though a flat bottomed board will paddle and pick up waves easier.

We owe a tug-of-the-forelock to Rob Machado for bugging Al Merrick into shaping him such a board, and reviving our and other’s interests in these fine shapes.