Catch virtually any wave, still be able to duck dive, slide around like a skate-board, cruise through the flat sections and carve big momentum turns. Sounds more like it eh?

The recent re popularisation of Steve Lis’ off-the-wall design has been a great boon to modern surfing. Sure, fads come and go, and many see the resurgence of the fish as nothing more. We see it as a rediscover of why (and how) many of us surf. It’s fun. The waves aren’t always over-head and hollow. Not all of us want to do flips.
The fish is a sensible design that works well in smaller surf, while being more lively and manoeuvrable than a big board. It’s also a great shape for wood—thicker profile and a bit more weight. Built right, they can hold their own in heavier conditions too. With a few modern influences, mostly on the fins and volume, the fish is one of the most versatile all rounders.

Twin keels and a flat bottom are the de-facto, though quad-fins and concaves are an excellent choice for heavier surf and greater manoeuvrability. Not necessarily better, just different. Fin boxes allow you to alternate between the two.
While we prefer our updated designs, we can build you a classic fish to Lis’ own specifications.