What you ride ought to fit you, be fun to ride, and suit the kind of surf you frequent.
A secondary goal would be adaptable—so much the better if one or two boards will work for you wherever you go, rather than dragging a whole quiver of boards around.

There are a few core shapes we like to make and continually refine. More will be added as we discover new shapes that complement the range, and as we get comfortable with them. We of course offer a bespoke service, shaping whatever type of board you’d like. We can also replicate a favourite or coveted board in timber, an excellent tribute to a proven board.

All of our boards start with internal recycled plywood framing, then has rails, deck and hull planking crafted from recycled timbers. A bit of engineering trickery with an internal and external epoxy-fibreglass matrix provides additional strength without a significant weight increase, as well as sealing the board. Upon request we can use bamboo fabric in place of glass, though this makes for a heavier board.
We have been researching ways to reduce our ecological footprint, which are chronicled on the Essays page. In short, this combination of timber, epoxy and fibreglass is the strongest and most responsible method of producing surfboards we have come up with.