Who We Are

Flow State Surfboards is pretty much a one-man band, Mathew Farrell. I first encountered timber boards several years ago in a magazine article. I was already unimpressed with the disposable nature of most surfboards, as well as much of the tat we are encouraged to buy and consume in our modern western world. Don’t misunderstand me, there are many highly skilled and creative craftsmen and women producing beautiful surf craft in foam and glass, though wood struck me as a much more beautiful and responsible way to do things. The notion of our kids inheriting functional and beautiful surfboards excites me. I now feel bad that I didn’t even buy that magazine.

I come from an engineering, bicycles and climbing background, which is where my technical design and problem solving skills arose. My wife Kim and I are doing what we can to minimise our impact on the planet, giving back what and where we can. Kim is an indispensable aid in helping me benchmark any ecological choices we make with our boards, and our production methods. She’s certainly an invaluable assistant when resawing timber!

I love building boards, to the extent that I’m often torn between spending a day in the workshop and product testing on the ocean. It’s certainly not all as easy as it sounds, but a solid love for what we’re doing makes it worthwhile.

To get a better understand of what makes me tick, read through the Why Wood page, explore our Web Links, come for a surf.