Surf Supplies
Surfing Green. An Australian based web-shop who focus on eco-friendly surf products. We source our recycled Wavetribe leashes, cork tail pads, hemp board bags and organic Treehugger wax here, as well as Greenlight surf supply products (bamboo fabric, cornstarch fin boxes and leash plugs).

Surf-forecast seems to be a bit of an underdog in surf reports and forecasts, but I’m fond of their break info and modestly detailed forecasting.

Design and Construction
Swaylocks is the forum for surfboard builders. Because it’s so big, it can be a bit hard to navigate, or to get known, but it’s well worth exploring and persevering. Caveat emptor—you will soon learn that board design is not all hard science.
Tree to Sea The Swaylocks of the wooden board world. A fantastic group of sharing folks. Be sure to hunt out the ‘old forum’ too.
Woodwork Forums is the Swaylocks of woodworking.
Depending on your background, of course, Swaylocks might be the Woodwork Forums of the surfing world…

N A Taransky Bamboo Rods. Nick crafts beautiful bamboo fly fishing rods up in the Monaro, New South Wales.
Grown Surfboards in Lennox Head. Competition and all, Andrew is a wonderful guy who makes wonderful surfboards.
Paul Jensen in Washington state, USA is one of the fellows responsible for the modern hollow wood surfboard. Paul sells boards, but is better known these days for his travelling board-building courses.
Velosmith. Specialising in Rolhoff-equipped tourers, Tim Stredwick builds custom bicycles just up the road from us.
Canoes and Lampshades. Peter builds the most amazing lightweight skin-on-frame kayaks and canoes here in Tasmania, many of which end up installed over lightbulbs.