Win a fish!

I recently built a board for the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens from one of their old trees, a Himalayan Cedar (Cedrus Deodar), which they will be raffling off soon. Details of the raffle will be announced ASAP. Keep an eye out here or post a comment/email if you’d like to stay in the loop about the raffle.

The Himalayan Cedar had some awesome grain patterns, and was heavier than our usual Western Red Cedar, so I shaped a classic fish that would appreciate and make best use of this extra weight. I was so happy with how it looks, it ended up as the poster child for the ‘Boards – Fish’ page of this site.

I took it out for a sneaky test ride the other night when the Hobart points lit up and, well, I’m hoping I’m allowed to buy a raffle ticket. I’ll be sorry to see it go!

Contest fish, sprayed with baby oil for sex appeal.

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